The Steel Toe Studios Story

I'm Erica Gordon, founder of Steel Toe Studios. I established my design and forge studio in 2003, but craft has always been part of my life.  I grew up around handmade objects – wooden spoons, ceramic plates and mugs, iron fire tools and even macramé and weaving. 

Living in the handmade world resulted in my path as a designer-artist via the traditional craft of blacksmithing. My apprentice years were spent making architectural ironwork: gates, railings and lighting, elements of which inform my current jewelry and accessories line.

I extract architectural lines and shapes from both the built environment and nature to create earrings and necklaces. My designs have been inspired by topography, art deco motifs, traditional ironwork shapes.

I am firmly rooted in the craft tradition and design using heat and hammer. It is a direct, satisfying process. 

For me, making is a means of connection:

• to the history of craft.

• to the elements of fire and force that shape the work. 

 • to the collector that chooses to adorn themselves with my designs.

My hands still touch every piece that is made in my studio. I hope you can feel the intent and joy in the piece when you wear it!