Product Care

 How do I care for my steel jewelry or buckle?

Always store your jewelry or buckle somewhere dry- preferably in a box or plastic bag, and not in the bathroom! The piece has been coated with a strong wax that should keep any rust from forming, however if any tarnish does develop, simply buff it off completely with steel wool or a plain scouring pad, then apply wax to the cleaned area. Some options are furniture or paste wax, beeswax, micro crystalline wax, and in a pinch, beeswax based lip balm. Please contact us with any further care questions at

How do I care for my silver, bronze or brass jewelry?

Please store them in a box or plastic bag and away from any damp spaces including your bathroom. If tarnish appears on the natural silver finish, just polish off with a sunshine cloth available from any jewelry store or online, and or use a little toothpaste and cold water to clean, then dry.  The same can be done for bronze or brass. Your blackened silver pieces will polish up on the edges with wear which is quite attractive. If for any reason your finish is stripped, please contact me and I can re-finish for you!

Please watch this quick video on how to open and secure a bayonet clasp for your neck cable.