Anniversary Themes

A modern twist on tradition.

6th Anniversary

Your marriage is as strong as iron.

7th Anniversary

The warm tone of copper shows the glow of your love.

8th Anniversary

Bronze, a combination of copper and tin, provide both strength and flexibility, two qualities of a powerful bond.

11th Anniversary

You have made it past a decade, your marriage is tough as steel!

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Bronze Custom Belt Buckle
From $132.00 - $159.00
Iron Custom Belt Buckle
From $94.00 - $124.00
Iron Path Amethyst Necklace
From $129.00 - $169.00
Copper Custom Belt Buckle
From $132.00 - $159.00
Iron Balance Amethyst Necklace
From $145.00 - $184.00
Iron Balance Larimar Necklace
From $145.00 - $184.00
Bronze Twist Simple Pendant
From $82.00 - $138.00