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Anniversary Gifts by Year, Gemstones, Metals

Ultimate Guide to Anniversary Gifts by Year: Meaningful Gemstones and Metals

Looking for the perfect anniversary gifts by year? Our guide details the significance of each gemstone and metal to help you choose a thoughtful gift.

Anniversaries by Years

    2nd Anniversary - Garnet: Symbol of Commitment and Love

    • Gift your partner a piece of garnet jewelry to represent the commitment to your love. The word garnet comes from the Latin word for grain due to the similarity between their rounded crystals and a pomegranate’s seeds. Garnet is the stone for the second year wedding anniversary, and is also the birthstone for January. This deep ruby red stone signifies protection, friendship, and commitment, making it a beautiful gift for your partner. 
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    6th Anniversary - Iron and Amethyst: Strength and Serenity

                        Iron Path Amethyst Necklace - Steel Toe Studios

    • Iron has been universally perceived as the symbol of strength, making it the perfect way to express the strength of your six years of marriage to your partner. Your 6th anniversary is traditionally known as the iron anniversary, making an iron gift such as our iron twist necklaces or earrings or custom engraved iron belt buckles a meaningful way to show your dedication. 
    • Amethyst is the stone for the 6th year, and can be a special way to display your devotion to your partner. The meaning of amethyst is attached to serenity, understanding, trust, and grace, all of which are marks of your strong marriage. 
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    7th Anniversary - Copper: The Warm Glow of Love

               Custom engraved copper belt buckle on dark brown leather belt by Steel Toe Studios

    • Let the warm tone of copper show the glow of love for your partner on your 7th wedding anniversary.  Copper is the material of Venus, both the planet and the goddess. As such, copper embodies characteristics of love and balance, making it a beautiful anniversary gift to convey your devotion. Gift your partner a Custom Copper Belt Buckle engraved with your wedding date for your 7th anniversary.
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    8th Anniversary - Bronze and Tourmaline: Flexibility and Colorful Commitment

              anniversary jewelry for wife, bronze and tourmaline handmade jewelry

    • Bronze, a combination of copper and tin, provides both strength and flexibility, two qualities of a powerful bond that is the perfect gift to symbolize your commitment. A bronze anniversary gift is a meaningful way to represent your 8th or 19th year of marriage, with bronze being the metal of the 8th year.
    • Tourmaline is nature’s most colorful gemstone, appearing in more shades than any other. This stone is often associated with calm, sympathy, and understanding; all pillars of a healthy and strong relationship. Our tourmaline jewelry pieces come in a variety of hues, from pinks to blues to multicolored mixes. This stone also symbolizes the 8th year, making it another meaningful way to convey your love.
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    11th Anniversary - Steel and Turquoise: Tenacity and Trust


    • Solidify your devotion to your partner with a steel piece to symbolize the tenacity of your bond. Steel is the metal for the 11th year and we offer a variety of jewelry and buckles in this beautiful metal.
    • Give a turquoise gift to signify the trust you and your partner share for one another. This ancient stone has been used in jewelry by the Aztecs for centuries because of its stunning signature blue-green hue associated with healing and protection. Turquoise is the stone for the 11th year, making it another special way to convey your love. 
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    13th Anniversary - Citrine: Sunshine of Your Love

    Stainless steel, citrine and brass hand made 11th anniversary earrings
    • Citrine is a rare type of quartz with a natural yellow shade that gives off a warm glow that compliments every skin tone. The bright color is believed to be a gift from the sun, and will shine your love onto your partner’s heart. Give the gift of one of our citrine jewelry pieces to your partner for your 13th anniversary, as citrine is the stone of the 13th year. 
    • Any of our pieces can be made with citrine so reach out if you see a style you'd like us to make with citrine.
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    19th Anniversary - Bronze and Aquamarine: Deep Trust and Strength


    Custom bronze belt buckle for 8th anniversary gift


    • Bronze, a combination of copper and tin, provides both strength and flexibility, two qualities of a powerful bond that is the perfect anniversary gift to symbolize your commitment. A bronze gift is a meaningful way to represent your 8th year of marriage, with bronze being the metal of the 8th or 19th year.
    • Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystalline waters and relaxation of the sea. The name aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marinus, meaning “water of the sea,” and refers to its sparkling ocean-like color. It is the stone for the 19th year, and inspires truth, trust, and letting go. Give one of our aquamarine jewelry pieces to your loved one to signify the trust you have in your relationship.
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      19th Anniversary

    We are always open to mixing up the stones and materials in our designs so please reach out if you have any questions.  

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