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6th Anniversary Iron Gift Ideas - Iron Jewelry and Iron Belt Buckles

Why is Iron the 6th Anniversary gift theme?

  • Iron represents strength and perseverance, making it the perfect way to communicate the dedication and endurance of your marriage on your 6th Anniversary. You have completed six years of your commitment and you can show your love with a gift that is made of a strong material that is striking and sexy.

  • The stones associated with the 6th anniversary are turquoise or amethyst. 

  • At Steel Toe Studios we specialize in creating one of a kind, hand made, iron jewelry and belt buckles, using blacksmithing techniques and a delicate touch. 

Iron Gifts for Her

Woman smiling, receiving iron anniversary gift of a handmade necklace at outdoor cafe.

1. Iron Earrings       


  • Don't let the idea of iron fool you, we make these functional and light, ready for everyday wear.
  • The texture from hand hammering iron wire is combined with the beautiful blue of turquoise in a very lightweight earring that makes a colorful impact.
  • Our signature twist design is made individually by hand with a white hot flame and a practiced hand to twist the iron into a modern, architectural shape.
  • Click on the photos to see the large selection of options in the iron earring category! 

2. Iron Necklaces

  • Our classic iron twist designs are available with sparkling, AAA grade stone beads or diamonds in a variety of styles, different chains and lengths so you can find one that suits her perfectly.
  • Each twist is hand wrought individually in our studio, by our hands.
  • The symbol of strength shows in the choice of iron, but the look is delicate and refined.

3. Iron Bracelets

  • Made to stack or wear solo, the bracelets we offer are built to charm, and to last.
  • Hand made iron twist is featured with gemstone and stainless steel chain
  • Available with amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz and more! 
  • Adjustable sizes.

    Iron Gifts for Him

    6th Anniversary Iron Gift Ideas like a custom belt buckle are perfect for your husband or wife. Image of couple looking at new custom belt buckle at an outdoor cafe, sitting close together and smiling.

    Belt buckles

    • Personalize a belt buckle handmade from iron with a variety of choices.
    • Have your wedding date, coordinates, tally marks engraved on the buckle.
    • Match with a handmade leather belt so it can be worn everyday.

      More Iron Gift Ideas

      • Visit our blacksmith friends for more Iron Anniversary ideas! 

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      •  Shop these American made, hand-forged Iron pans from our friends

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      • Take a forging class together and learn the fundamentals of blacksmithing

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      • Gift an Iron Keychain by master blacksmith Darryl Nelson 

      Custom Cutlery — Fire Horse Forge // Seattle Knife Making Classes

      • Gift a custom Iron cutlery set made in America

      Bottle Opener

      • Pop a bottle with a hand-forged iron bottle opener

      Fireplace Tools

      • Keep the home fires burning with fireplace tools/hooks/bottle openers
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